Procedures & Control

Procedures & control

Most of the accidents and fire incidents are taking place during Plant Start Up and Shut Down due to human errors for not following the correct steps in the Operating Procedures.
Our technologies allow operators to be guided step by step in the correct and safe execution of the most critical steps and they will not be allowed to move further till all the required steps are completed. Fully integration with real time applications and with planning tools, also allows to automatically report the status of the progress to Planners and Executives.



Using new digital technologies such as augmented and virtual reality, Visiongear allows the Operator to access all the information he needs while operating in the field and receive real time support by Subject Matters Experts located remotely. Always connected, field operators can receive and visualize instructions on dedicated devices (wearable) and can execute tasks (with free hands) more effectively and efficiently.


The XR-STAR is the most complete Virtual Reality software platform available today on the market. It represents a new generation of Operation Training Solutions(OTS) based on immersive stereoscopic 3D Virtual Reality technologies.
It can be used for pre-visualization for construction, training of human resources, operational management and risk management.