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Our company, our story

We are an italian company specialized in development and production of advanced technology in the realm of extended reality and artificial intelligence.
After years mastering and experimenting with off the shelf tools such as Unity, Unreal, Craig-engine we developed our proprietary software platform for Virtual Reality: VRSTAR ®
We carefully select the best devices from the market after long experimentation in our living lab, to create the most disruptive solutions for our clients.

Our experience covers everything in industry processes & manufacturing:

  • Process simulation
  • Machine assembly
  • Inspection
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Field services operations
  • Quality control
  • (De)commissioning
  • Monitoring and data analysis
  • Data visualization
  • Technical manuals and training
  • Product design and configuration

We also work on projects focusing on innovation in sales and marketing fields.
Through our company’s division Multiverso we take the know-how and experience in the technological world to the entertainment world as general contractor for businesses’ big events.

We don’t do consumer applications, we only take charge of business grade projects devoting ourselves to answer Clients’ needs of innovation and create state of the art solutions to improve efficacy and efficiency.

Our certifications: ISO 9001 – ISO14001 – ISO 27001 – ISO 37001


Illogic is one of the official suppliers of 4.0 services and technologies of the Digital Experience Center by the Lombardy Chamber of Commerce.

Through the years, the know-how and the technological expertises, merge into one of the most important projects on 3D virtual reality simulation in Europe (see VR-Star®) and to the development of breakthrough software and hardware solutions in R&D context.

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