Immersive training

Immersive training

A powerful virtual-training where a photorealistic 3D graphic reproduction of industrial environments, weather conditions and gestures, involves the user in a sort of navigation through a faithful reproduction of the plant, making possible a true interaction, such as open and close hand-operated valves, start and stop pumps, carry out field readings and get information about the inside functioning of devices.

One of the best application of Virtual Reality is in the creation of risk-free environments to practice, test and develop competences, by simulating situations that cannot always be reproduced in real life (risky situations, incidents, emergency shutdowns…).

In this context, operators can practice on procedures and improve skills in safety-critical tasks rarely performed in reality and learn how to react quickly and correctly in high stress situations.



The XR-STAR is the most complete Virtual Reality software platform available today on the market. It represents a new generation of Operation Training Solutions(OTS) based on immersive stereoscopic 3D Virtual Reality technologies.
It can be used for pre-visualization for construction, training of human resources, operational management and risk management.