U.S. DOE – Simulator Training System

Virtual Reality Virtual Prototype Simulation Engine

U.S. DOE- Virtual Reality training project

For the Department of Energy of United States Illogic has developed state-of-the-art, real-time, high-fidelity dynamic simulator training systems and 3D virtual immersive training systems (ITS), integrated in an energy plant and control room environment for IGCC power plant.

Using this innovative training system, a course has been developed that introduces trainees to the IGCC simulator, process, and controls. During the training in Virtual Reality, trainees startup and shutdown the simulated unit in an integrated manner and are exposed to simple and complex unit malfunctions. Trainees spend 40% of the time in the classroom and 60% of the time interacting with the operation and immersive training simulators.

For further information on this project, see the extended version on vrstar.it