Virtual Reality Simulation Engine Enhanced intelligence

MOGAR- Immersive 3D Virtual Reality simulation

For our customer Mogar, we created an integrated system consisting of an Immersive Virtual Reality Simulator (enabling reproduction of the molding press in photorealistic quality), a Fluid-Dynamic Simulator (allows the simulation of the final product and its characteristics) and a continuously updated Experiential Data Base, providing additional useful predictions about the final product characteristics, based on machine learning algorithms.

Among other features, the simulation software is able to accurately depict a hologram of the model which is going to be molded (anyway, of the final product). It is also possible to interact with holograms through the use of Augmented Reality devices (such as Microsoft Hololens).

The advantages of the system are huge: improve Products in terms of higher Quality and a significant Cost Savings (lower expenses due to decreased consumption of raw material and saved expenses of the  conventionally used, complex testing procedure).