Assisted Reality Augmented Reality

ARMeisterbock - on field training system

In the field of smart manufacturing, and especially in the definition of innovative systems of development, management, control and operation of production processes, it emerges with the most widespread applicability, the technology of aid from augmented reality systems.
The main objective of the project is to design and implement, at a prototype level, an innovative training system and in-situ aid for operators in charge of controlling the dimensional quality of automotive components through the use of a template, or precision caliper , or, in its German name, a Meisterbock.
The proposed solution consists of an augmented reality system supported by a modern HMD (Head Mounted Display) device which, thanks to the new AR applications, will allow workers in industrial sites to:

  • Learning the peculiarities of the procedure during the training, as well as the instruments used and the components which must be evaluated for their quality, through virtual reproductions and audiovisual aid of indications, suggestions, information and procedural reports;
  • Practice operations and memorize the Meisterbock’s set-up sequence both in its specific components and in the positioning of the parts to be measured, with reduced risk and increased learning efficiency;
  • Reduce the likelihood of error during the actual process, thanks to the continuous reminder of the actions to be undertaken, and the continuous assistance in defining the correct components and positioning.