Pavilion RMK from the exhibition “INNOPROM 2018” received international awards

Pavilion RMK from the exhibition “INNOPROM 2018” received international awards

Pavilion RMK from the exhibition “INNOPROM 2018” received international awards

The pavilion of the Russian Copper Company (AO RMK) “Copper is the DNA of civilization“, built to participate in the international industrial exhibition INNOPROM-2018, was nominated and won in two categories of the prestigious international competition in the field of event marketing BEA World 2018.

The two-storey stand of the RMK received the first prize in the categories “Industrial Exhibitions” and “Application of Technologies”.

An international team of more than 200 people worked on the company’s stand at the INNOPROM 2018 exhibition. The main contractor for the project was Illogic S.r.l. (Italy), which specializes in developments in the field of industrial Internet, 3D-modeling, technologies of virtual and augmented reality. The Italian company Simmetrico S.r.l. was responsible for the disclosure of the concept “Copper – DNA of civilization”.

The authors of the RMK stand used the latest exhibition technologies, many of which were presented on such a scale for the first time. The center of the exhibition was a kinetic multimedia column in the form of a DNA molecule and a holographic pyramid, which personified the main idea of the stand: “Copper is the DNA of civilization”. The projections on the column and the holograms in the pyramid interacted with each other, turning acquaintance with the values of the RMK in a vivid representation. Guests of the stand could control the broadcast themselves with the help of gestures, which were read by a special sensor.

The holographic theater acquainted the guests of the RMK stand with challenges that the company is responding to in its daily work. The curtain of the eight-meter theater was made of 300 triangular plates. The plates were driven by 177 drives. The theater itself recognized when the visitor was ready to pay attention to it, and opened the curtain, showing fascinating holographic presentations and delighting the visitors of the stand.

The huge kaleidoscope at the entrance to the RMK stand became the most photographed object of the INNOPROM 2018 exhibition. Its mirror walls reflected the video from images of copper-containing minerals, which created the impression of immersion deep into the structure, the very essence of copper. Every day of the exhibition at the kaleidoscope there was a queue of people who wanted to make a unique photo.


The Best Event Awards (formerly known as the Eubea – European Best Event Awards) was established in 2006 to promote the development of marketing events and to promote the best companies in the field of organizing exhibitions, forums, cultural events, as well as sharing the best technologies and creative ideas between the participants.