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Cyberphysics | Digital twin


Cyberphysics is software that allows to create a digital model of an existing industrial machinery. Thanks to artificial intelligence and advanced data analytics the model can simulate the system functioning in its entirety.


What’s the problem?


  • Equipment failures
    Late defects recognition causes expensive repair
  • Inefficient equipment regimes
    The most productive regime is not ALWAYS the most business efficient
  • Repair vs Replacement planning
    Sometimes equipment replacement saves more money than repair




Cyberphysiscs allows to monitor health of industrial equipment, improve connection of production and business efficiency, thoroughly analyze equipment modes and malfunctions.

  • Optimization
    Of production modes for efficiency increase
  • Smart changes planning
    “What-if” analysis allows to estimate the expediency of equipment settings changes and new equipment integration
  • Forecast
    Of malfunctions that have never happened, residual resource real-time calculation
  • Recommendations
    For equipment settings, repair and replacement planning — finding the most business efficient variant



Core technology is our advantage


  • Lack of sensors data is not a problem
    The platform can be implemented even if IIoT/SCADA system is recently integrated
  • Forecast of any possible defects
    Our technology finds out the real reason of malfunction by deep analysis of equipment “physics”
  • What-if analysis for changes planning
    The environment for preliminary changes modelling and analysis

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