Everyday our designers, engineers, artists and programmers work together (atelier style) pursuing a culture of learning to imagine, through non-traditional approaches, the impact of emerging technologies on business life.

Different experiences are combined together to unleash new creative energies and to rethink what already exists or to create new functions and new use values, thus realizing innovation (of products, of processes and of businesses) and taking advantage of the opportunities that the digital technologies offer.

We master the new industry 4.0 technologies. Assisted/Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Simulation engine and specific IOT application.

Illogic develops technologies and integrated solutions, with unparalleled technological point of strengths and full range of features.

Digital Twins 2We operate in several fields by designing innovative tools and applications that allow customers to experiment the impact of emerging technologies on business and on many areas of our daily life.

Through the years, the know-how and the technological expertises, merge into one of the most important projects on 3D virtual reality simulation in Europe (see VR-Star®) and to the development of breakthrough software and hardware solutions in R&D context.

We work in the international arena and invest in strengthening alliances and developing projects abroad providing a professional vision on the single topic and business area.

As well, we invests in cutting-edge technologies developing proprietary solutions always open to integration with third parties’ technologies.

Interactive technology solutions offer a new way to solve problems, help business to increase sales, better communicate product functionality, and decrease training and travel costs.

Discover virtual worlds with Illogic.


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